Interaptix supports organizations with augmented reality and digital twin solutions that reduce costs, increase worker throughput, enhance safety, and provide spatial intelligence about your operations.
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Five Auditors using Remote Audit Software.

Remote Auditing

Bring your facilities into the cloud to enable Remote and Virtual Auditing.
AptixAR is a one-stop-shop for collecting, analyzing, storing, and reporting on the observational evidence you used to collect during onsite visits. With AptixAR, you are able to bring any facility into the cloud to audit with nothing more than an iPad.
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Support your remote workforce from anywhere.

The AptixAR platform brings your experts everywhere they need to be - instantaneously. Through the power of Augmented Reality and Digital Twins, they are able to interact in 3D space anywhere within your organization, your supply chain, our your customers base. Leverage AptixAR to reduce costs, increase throughput, increase accuracy and reduce your environmental footprint.
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Asset-centric, self-service digital twins.

Create digital twins of your facilities, assets, build orders, and training material in minutes. Automated processes build a vast digital library of every event in your organization, all centered around the assets that you build, service, maintain, assess, or utilize for training. Build 3D models of your operations with nothing more than a tablet!
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Decarbonize your operations, your customer support, and your supply chain.

A renewed focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), combined with the rise of remote work in the era of the pandemic, push organizations to adopt and embrace sustainable business practice. Eliminate travel related to asset management, maintenance, training, or remote auditing by leveraging augmented reality and digital twins in your operations.
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Want to learn if AptixAR is right for you?

Interaptix provides free digital transformation consulting to help you assess how augmented reality can deliver ROI for your enterprise.
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Remote Expert for Manufacturers

Accommodate physical distancing in manufacturing with our remote expert solution.
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