Generate a comprehensive 3D virtual snapshot of your facilities whenever and as often as you need them using your own onsite staff.
Collect, review, and analyse observational evidence to remotely perform a safety inspection, provide support for onsite staff, or to conduct condition assessment.
Flag issues for follow ups, prescribe corrective action, securely share findings with all stakeholders, and effortlessly archive all 3D and 2D data for future use.

Be there from anywhere with aptixAR


Inspect more

With on-demand 3D digital twins of your facilities you can allow your inspectors and subject matter experts to virtually access all your facilities worldwide at any time via the AptixAR portal.

Travel less

Minimize your carbon footprint while significantly reducing the cost, complexity and time spent travelling to or within your facilities.

Made for the
Industrial Enterprise

AptixAR was designed and developed to meet the highest digital security and operational requirements of the industrial enterprise.

Remote audit, inspect,
expert and training

With AptixAR, the remote experts are in the driver seat in the data collection and inspection process.  With options for real-time or asynchronous communication, assessment and knowledge sharing.

Fast to deploy
and easy to learn

With no hardware installation, and minimal equipment and training requirements, you can capture all your spatial data and observational evidence in one single platform using an iPad or iPhone pro, online or offline.
Connect people to places, bring local+Remote employees, experts, and stakeholders together in shared spaces from anywhere in the world, in record time.

Who is AptixAR for?

Environmental Health and Safety

Hybrid Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) audits and inspections.

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Process compliance management for Quick Service Restaurant franchises.

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and Engineering

Issue tracking, construction monitoring and condition assessment.

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Is AptixAR right for
your organization?

Whether you are conducting audits, inspections or risk assessments, AptixAR provides a single secure platform to support your needs.

Key features


Offline Mode
Remote Expert Portal
Annotation & Notes
Live Video & Chat
If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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Generate a comprehensive virtual snapshot of your facilities whenever and as often as you need them using your own onsite staff.

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