the self-serve remote presence 3D digital twin platform

the premier 3D collaboration solution
for enterprise

Accident & incident investigation

Simulate, analyze, and prevent incidents.

Audits & Inspections

Facilitate virtual+ hybrid audits and remote assessments.

Engineering & Construction

Document and share progress of a project.

AptixAR's industrial-grade technology is tailor-made for your enterprise, empowering teams across your organization to collaborate seamlessly and achieve success.

Hybrid EHS Audits and Remote Assessments


AptixAR simplifies remote inspections, hybrid audits, and daily EHS assessments by enabling on-site personnel to create 3D Digital Twins of their facilities using standard mobile devices. These virtual snapshots grant EHS professionals access to conduct remote assessments and collect observational data. 


  • Cut travel costs and time on-site with instant worldwide facility access for EHS teams
  • Enable real-time collaboration, assessment, knowledge capture, and training
  • Rapidly document observational evidence using 3D self-serve Digital Twins
  • Efficiently manage observational data via secure cloud access for current and historical records
Engineering & Construction

Elevate construction projects with enhanced teamwork


Experience the future of construction with AptixAR – the ultimate solution that seamlessly connects field and office teams for unparalleled collaboration and efficiency. Harness the power of our cutting-edge remote inspection capabilities, empowering on-site personnel to create 3D Digital Twins of their construction sites with a standard mobile device. This game-changing virtual 3D representation grants off-site team members instant access to the site from anywhere, fueling real-time collaboration, assessment, knowledge sharing, and precision planning


  • Seamless connection between in-field and office teams
  • Enhanced collaboration and efficiency 
  • Instant remote access to construction sites for off-site team members
  • Real-time collaboration, assessment, and knowledge sharing 
Brand Compliance

Safeguarding Your Brand
and Ensuring Compliance


Experience the power of data-driven insights and location assessments tailored to optimize your franchise outlets. Optimize for customer experience, brand identity and protection, operations, facility conditions, and more.


  • Actively pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Improve compliance management and minimize risks
  • Monitor, analyze, and reinforce brand protection and health
  • Customized data-driven insights for every franchise location

Unleashing the Future of
Field Reporting for Engineers


AptixAR for Engineering and field reporting provides a platform streamlining communication, data collection, and analysis. By leveraging AptixAR's remote inspection on-site self-serve 3D Digital Twin capture capabilities, engineers can effortlessly create and share virtual representations of their projects, enhancing collaboration, decision-making, and reporting.


  • Enhanced collaboration between on-site and off-site team members
  • Seamless integration of self-serve 3D Digital Twins into engineering workflows
  • Accurate and up-to-date project documentation
  • Streamlined communication and data management via the Remote Expert cloud portal

Is AptixAR right for
your organization?

Remote Collaboration
and Cost Savings

AptixAR's 3D Digital Twin platform enables seamless communication and data sharing. If reducing travel costs and on-site time is a priority, AptixAR can help by providing remote access to sites through self-serve 3D Digital Twins and data collection, decreasing the need for physical on-site visits

Innovate with aptixAR
3D Digital Twin technology

With a standard mobile device, on-site staff can effortlessly create a 3D Digital Twin – a detailed virtual replica of their facility. Professionals can easily access this 3D Digital Twin from anywhere, enabling them to conduct assessments and collect observational data remotely.
If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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Generate a comprehensive virtual snapshot of your facilities whenever and as often as you need them using your own onsite staff.

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