AptixAR leverages 3D Digital Twins for enhanced situational awareness and various features for audits, inspections, training, and documentation.

Self-Serve 3D Digital Twin
Scan 3D Digital Twins with AptixAR to enhance remote experts’ spatial situational awareness via the browser
Spatially Aware Captures
Spatially aware 2D photos and videos are used to provide high-resolution observational evidence for inspections, assessments, collaboration, and training.
Content Management
Manage all  content including the digital twin, spatially aligned captures and videos through AptixAR’s web portal. Add labels, annotations and notes directly to a capture.

Accurately Measure distances in 3D

Use the ruler tool to measure between two points in 3D space directly in your 3D Digital Twins


Mark Up
Virtual Facilities

Mark up the digital twin, share knowledge or provide feedback  with persistent augmented reality


Keep working offline without wi-fi

Use the app in any location, and capture all the spatial data that you need without a wifi connection.

3D Measure
Annotations & notes
Scan & inspect offline

More powerful self-serve features

AptixAR cloud-based platform allows you to be anywhere, anytime.

Accomplish more with your resources

Reduce traveling to or within a facility to near zero.

Visit all sites more frequently to ensure safety and efficiency.

Streamline content management for fast and secure access to historical records

Easy to learn
Fast to Depoly

Ship a device instead of a person.

Start building a 3D Digital Twin and capture data with only 2 hours of training.

View, share and interact with digital twins online within an hour.

Collaborate across
time & space

Communicate  in
real-time or asynchronously.

Collect, discuss and share knowledge between remote and local staff.

Connect a remote and local workforce in 3D space.

If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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Generate a comprehensive virtual snapshot of your facilities whenever and as often as you need them using your own onsite staff.

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