Founded in 2013, we have spent over a decade building mixed reality solutions to solve real world problems

Our team brings deep experience in Augmented Reality, computer vision, AI and spatial computing

We take a human-centred approach in designing complex solution that are easy to learn and intuitive to use

We are pioneers in spatial computing

with the pedigree and 
track record to prove it

“The full potential of and Spatial and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology is only realized when it works in harmony with the people who use it.”
The CEO of Interaptix gives keynote speech on the Industrial Metaverse at Benchmark Impact ESG 2022 conferenceAugmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Simulation workshop A devloper end of the year workshop for future AptixAR roadmapInteraptix team building event.Bardia gives keynote on AptixAR building the Industrial Metaverse Bardia gives talk on AptixAR empowering Industrial EnterpriseLisa gives presentation on AptixAR roadmapInteraptix team exhibiting at Benchmark EGS 2023

About Interaptix

Founded in 2013

We’ve been building advanced augmented reality solutions solutions for research and industrial applications for over a decade

From astronauts operating robots in space to physicians performing minimally invasive surgery, to quality control inspectors in aerospace manufacturing.

AptixAR launched in 2020

The easiest, lowest barrier to entry spatial knowledge platform on the market 

​​Generate a comprehensive virtual snapshot of facilities with AptixAR's self-serve digital twin technology. Collaborate to collect observational evidence, share expert knowledge, or provide feedback and direction using persistent augmented reality tools.



Dr. Bardia Bina


Bardia brings over 20 years of experience in Augmented Reality research and engineering to his role at Interaptix. He holds a Master's degree in Flight Systems and Control and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto with specialization in Human Factors Engineering and Augmented Reality for teleoperation. With a passion for improving safety and performance in high-risk and high-stress environments, Bardia has a proven track record of creating innovative software solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to improve operator perception and performance in complex and remote work environments. His work spans a wide range of industries, from space robotics and aircraft manufacturing to surgical training and environmental health and safety. Due to his unique blend of technical expertise and strong academic and domain knowledge in the field of Mixed Reality and Human-Centred Systems Design, Bardia has been a sought-after advisor, consultant, and speaker across a variety of industries.

Dae Hyun Lee


As the Chief Technology Officer at Interaptix, Dae Hyun Lee combines over two decades of augmented reality and software engineering experience gathered from leading international technology and software companies. His academic credentials include a Master's degree in Augmented Reality and Human-Computer Interaction and an MBA from Rotman School of Management. Dae's distinctive fusion of technical depth, software engineering skills, strategic technology vision and leadership, and a deep passion for augmented reality have been pivotal in propelling Interaptix forward. Dae's innovative work in the fields of computer vision and digital twins has led to being named as inventor on over ten issued or provisional patent applications

“Pioneering the Future with Self-Serve 3D Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ready Platform”



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If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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