Manage & Monitor
Visit sites more frequently through AptixAR's 3D Digital Twin to ensure safety, and operational efficiency.
Connect People to Places
Bring employees, experts and stakeholders together to explore and assess a facility or environment from the comfort of their desk.
Seamless Collaboration
Provide real-time or asynchronous communication, assessment and knowledge sharing to anyone in or outside the organization.

Resource efficiently

The same remote expert can
inspect 15+ facilities a day

Enterprise grade

The only 3D Digital Twin platform built exclusively for industrial enterprise

The easiest, most intuitive
3D Digital Twin platform 

Instantly access interactive 3D Virtual Snapshots of your facilities generated on-demand by your own on-site staff, when you need them and as often as you need them.

Rapid Deployment

Low barrier to entry and fast to deploy with minimal equipment and training required

Access Anywhere

Securely access the information anytime, from any place in a single cloud-based platform.
Improve hybrid EHS audits+inspects with AptixAR self serve 3D Digital Twin platform
Rapid Deployment

Go from download
to 3D Digital Twin
in minutes 

On-site personnel can create a share a comprehensive virtual snapshot of their facility using an iPad Pro and computer.

Do more in less time

AptixAR allows
your experts to be
anywhere in seconds

With three clicks, travel to any site and across time using AptixAR. Access current and historical streamlined observational data.

Situational awareness

When being there
matters. AptixAR
is the platform

Women holding a laptop

Enhanced situational awareness with AptixAR improves decision-making, safety, and operational goals. It allows remote monitoring, risk reduction, and optimizing operations with a 3D digital facility representation.

Made for industrial

We didn’t adapt,
we started with
industrial solutions

AptixAR is a Remote Expert solution specifically designed for industrial enterprises. Its asynchronous capability facilitates remote collaboration across time zones, limited wifi locations, language barriers, and noisy environments.

Real-time asynchronous 

Collaborate across
time & space,
when it works for you

AptixAR enables organizations to bring together global SMEs and facilitate efficient knowledge transfer. It enables remote collaboration, leading to faster decision-making, problem-solving, and risk mitigation.

Low barrier
to entry

Experience hassle-free implementation with no need for specialized equipment or hardware.

See how it works

Reduce your
CO2 footprint

Promote environmental responsibility and efficient operations by reducing the need for on-site visits.

See how it works

Connect people
to places

Connect a remote workforce in 3D space through the power of 3D Digital Twins and AptixAR.

See how it works
If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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Generate a comprehensive virtual snapshot of your facilities whenever and as often as you need them using your own onsite staff.

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