Add AptixAR to your Remote Audit Toolkit

Equip your remote auditors with the spatial data you need to accurately assess your operations.

Many organizations are concerned that remote audits will lead to less thorough results than their in-person counterparts. Adding AptixAR to your solution bridges the gap between the remote auditor and the facility floor by enabling precise spatial data capture and feedback.

With nothing more complicated than an iPad, local workers can enable an audit protocol to be as exact as being there. Images are captured in spatial context, meaning your auditors can tell exactly if a machine guard is installed and in good repair, a toe-board is of the appropriate height for the operation, and any other scenario where thorough understanding of the asset, deployment, and environmental factors in place represent a potential nonconformance.

Gather visual audit results

Enhance your audit protocol with precise photo and video requests of your operations. By letting the auditor determine what images are required, and in what spatial orientation, you enable both accurate site-level analysis and organization wide analysis in site to site comparison.
AptixAR Platform - Augmented reality digital twins and asset paper trail for remote inspection illustration

Share best practices across the globe

AptixAR is a two way communication tool. Share your audit results back to the site level in spatial annotations, giving them specific corrective action while linking best practices from other locations with similar deployments.

Deploy expert knowledge from anywhere via Augmented Reality

Although not required, Remote audits can include a live video call. Audit by telepresence and provide specific spatial instruction as the local proxy auditor performs their audit. Mark up their world via tablet, phone, or headset as they fulfill their spatial audit requirements.

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