Heads-up, hands-free augmented reality assembly instructions

AR assembly instructions being used by worker to pull up manual through his AR headset - Interaptix Illustration

Enhance your manual assembly process with better instructions

Speed up your manual assembly

Conduct maintenance, quality control, and inspection at scale with digital twins — all while working from current and detailed data remotely.
Assembly Instructions With Augmented Reality vs Manual Comparison - Interaptix Illustration
Augmented Reality Instructions Used by Worker to Make Fewer Mistakes - Interaptix Illustration

Reduce risks, make fewer mistakes, waste less time

When you reduce task switching through AR assembly instructions, you reduce lapses in attention and resulting errors. Interaptix helps your technicians stay fully focused on the assembly in front of them.

Always up-to-date assembly instructions

Digital assembly instructions can be updated quickly and at scale — meaning your technicians can easily find and access the latest documentation versions.
Augmented Reality Assembly Instructions Syncing With Cloud - Interaptix Illustrations

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