Remote inspection and maintenance built for the industrial enterprise

AR Remote Assistance Worker Providing Support to Multiple Other Workers - Interaptix Illustration

AptixAR is everything you need for effective remote inspection and maintenance.

Capture everything you need
for inspection in 3D

Conduct maintenance, quality control, and inspection at scale with digital twins — all while working from current and detailed data remotely.
3D Capture of Digital Twins by Remote Expert - Interaptix Illustration
Real Time and Asynchronous Inspections Conducted - Interaptix Illustration

Conduct real-time or asynchronous inspections

Shift schedules don’t need to overlap for Interaptix’s remote inspection — record once, then let supervisors inspect digitally twinned assets later.

Remove communication
barriers through AR spatial annotations

Don’t rely purely on verbal communication for data collection and remedial action. Spatial AR annotations let you overlay instructions on top of physical objects, meaning you’re always on the same page, even if you don’t speak the same language.
Communicating with Spatial Annotations Enabled by Augmented Reality - Interaptix Illustration
Remote Troubleshooting Using Augmented Reality - Interaptix Illustration

Resolve more problems without the need for a service call or site visit

Interaptix’s AR inspection and maintenance solution lets your technical experts walk on-site workers through technical troubleshooting remotely.

How much overhead can remote AR inspection save for your enterprise?

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