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TECK Safety Inc: Remote External Compliance Auditing

Central Alberta Co-Operative
Organization Size
750 Employees over 15 Work Sites
Alberta, Ontario, Canada
Primary Contact
Ken Black, President, TECK Safety Inc.
The Challenge:

Could AptixAR Remote Expert allow the external auditor to validate the management system without physically visiting the work sites?

The COR (certificate of recognition) is a nationally recognized standard in Canada or health and safety. As part of attaining COR certification, organizations must undergo an external audit of their programs. Like most management system audits they must be audited in three parts: a documentation review, a series of interviews, and site and personnel observations.

In this project, Interaptix collaborated with Ken Black, owner of TECK Safety, with over 20 years of experience as an internal and external auditor, to answer the question:

Could he observe the facilities, people, and processes to the level required to attest that the management system was in place and effective, without ever being onsite?

Ken partnered with Erin Nachbaur, Health and Safety specialist at Central Alberta Co-operative, who collected on-site data for his observations during a two-week audit. Remote Observation was performed asynchronously using the AptixAR Remote Expert solution.

Local data was collected using an iPad. It involved the creation of self-serve digital twins – spatial copies of the facilities, assets, and processes at the worksites of the Co-operative.

Additional evidence was added by capturing photos or videos within AptixAR’s platform, all of which contribute to a heightened situational awareness for the remote auditor

Erin was able to collect the specific photo and video observations that Ken required, which he could review as they were taken.  “The local representative captured various work areas which were immediately available online. I was able to review the information and provided further directives to the company representative to validate the information when I needed additional clarity,” said Ken.

When Ken required additional observation, he was able to prompt Erin for additional data. “There can be requests for follow up information. For example, if there is a cabinet in a work area that is closed, the auditor can either include a line item before the scan asking for pictures of the interior of all closets and cabinets, or request this after the scan is complete,” said Erin.

Erin and Ken both commented on how straightforward it was to leverage AptixAR as part of their process.  "With a short training session and virtual support, I was able to learn quickly how to use the AptixAR technology,” said Erin, “Once I understood the concepts it was easy to use. Scanning work areas proved to be a quick task and I was able to highlight controls, documents, information, etc. available in the work area."

Ken summed up his experience with the solution in one sentence and answer the question above:

“Using the platform allowed me to validate the information that I normally do, without being there.”

The Results:

External and Internal team members were able to collaborate to complete observation. External auditor estimated savings of 16 hours of content management and 9 days of travel over the course of a full audit.

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