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Five Auditors using Remote Audit Software.

Build real-time digital twins to collect your observational evidence during remote and virtual audits.

Many organizations are concerned that remote audits will lead to less thorough results than their in-person counterparts. Adding AptixAR to your solution bridges the gap between the remote auditor and the facility floor by enabling precise spatial data capture and feedback.

With nothing more complicated than an iPad, local workers can enable an audit protocol to be as exact as being there. Images are captured in spatial context, meaning your auditors can tell exactly if a machine guard is installed and in good repair, a toe-board is of the appropriate height for the operation, and any other scenario where thorough understanding of the asset, deployment, and environmental factors in place represent a potential nonconformance.

Visualize Your Sites from Anywhere

With nothing more complex than an iPad, your local auditor builds digital twins of your facilities following your audit checklists. Bring your sites into the cloud for your remote audit team, rather than sending auditors out on costly and time consuming travel. Your auditors can visualize site conditions from anywhere on the planet.
Whether your auditor is a trained compliance specialist, or a local operations member, or a third party consultant, you can be sure that they gather the precise physical evidence you need to audit your location.
Two auditors using remote audit software to audit a storage tank.
A remote auditor using remote audit software to review results in a digital twin.

Collaborate and Coordinate

AptixAR is a collaboration tool purpose-built for remote auditing. Your remote audit team can feed in the precise direction for the physical evidence you need - videos, pictures, and spatial scans. They can prepopulate evidence checklists that then are communicated to the local auditor in real space via Augmented Reality. Built in videoconferencing tools and chat allow for real time guidance and remote expert support when necessary.

Consolidated Content Management

The AptixAR cloud based remote audit platform consolidates all of your virtual audit practice into a single platform. All of your photos and videos collected remain within the cloud based digital twin of your facility, saving you the manual labour to set up file share sites, local drives, or some other way to manage your remote audit data. AptixAR interfaces with audit systems of record to consolidate your spatial data with your management system reviews and any other audit data.
A virtual audit performed using remote audit software
AptixAR Platform - Augmented reality digital twins and asset paper trail for remote inspection illustration

Analyze Your Audit Results

AptixAR brings immense possibilities for analysis on your facilities. Easily share lessons learned, pinpoint deviations, and identify trends across time and across facilities by comparing your digital twins as they evolve during repeated inspections and audits. These digital twins persist in our cloud based solution, allowing you to revisit audits for training, sharing best practices, and more.

Remote Auditing FAQ

What is the difference between an on-site vs remote audit?


In an Onsite Audit, your experts physically travel to the location to validate management systems, interview staff, and collect observational evidence to support their assessments. In a remote audit, sometimes referred to as a virtual audit, all of this would be conducted leveraging technology. AptixAR makes the collection of observational evidence quick, easy, and systematic by being purpose built remote audit software.

Companies are using home grown solutions of videoconferencing solutions, excel spreadsheets, file share solutions, and more to try and put together the observational evidence that would be collected onsite. This is made even more difficult when the local team collecting the data are not compliance specialists. AptixAR is a purpose-built solution that covers all of this in a single solution. best of all, your remote audit team now has a complete digital twin of the entire facility to visit at any time!

What should we use as our remote audit checklist?


A remote audit checklist should focus solely on the observational evidence you need to collect to back up your assessment of the management systems in place. Make it very simple for one resource on site to collect the photos, videos, and spatial data you require to determine if the site is following your management systems and remains in compliance with regulations and frameworks. AptixAR makes it simple to import checklist templates that you build yourself, or bring in from the top regulatory content providers.

Interaptix has partnered with STP ComplianceEHS to provide an integrated solution that leverages the compliance checklists their system generates as the basis for the observational evidence collected in AptixAR to support the remote and virtual audit. Contact us now to learn more.

What should we expect for remote auditing for Covid-19 and beyond?


Remote Auditing software isn't just applicable during travel restrictions. Organizations need to consider remote auditing as part of their strategies to limit their carbon footprint, reduce the costs and time commitments of audit programs, and enable broader training for their teams.
According to independent research firm Verdantix, nearly two-thirds of enterprise organizations performed some sort of remote, virtual, or hybrid audit in 2020, and many of these firms anticipate moving to a virtual or hybrid model going forward.

Can you recommend any remote auditing techniques or remote auditing best practices?


There are a number of great resources available on this topic. We would recommend starting with this excellent article published by NAEM.

Benchmark Virtual Auditing Practices

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