Minimize business disruption in times of crisis.

Interaptix's AptixAR platform helps you keep your operations moving and your workers safe.

Even with the astounding pace of vaccine development and deployment, it is anticipated that most global employers will be employing at least a mix of remote and on premises work until late 2021. Other parts of the world have similar schedules depending on if they are able to produce vaccines locally. The AptixAR platform is designed from the ground up to provide remote assistance in industrial settings, eliminating potential exposure through travel.

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Resolve problems without the need for a service call or site visit.

Interaptix’s remote maintenance solution lets you conduct detailed diagnostics remotely and in 3D, so you don’t have to send technicians on flights unless absolutely necessary.

Ensure business continuity during crisis.

Interaptix helps manufacturers identify liabilities and deploy the right AR tools to ensure that you’re prepared for any future crisis.

Accommodate physical distancing throughout your factory floor

World’s only remote inspect solution built for manufacturers lets your vulnerable staff work remotely.
Give supervisors real situational awareness about the production floor—even while they work remotely—by using a digital twin of your factory.
Take real-time remote communication between workers and supervisors to the next level with computer visions and digital spatial annotations.
Minimize human-to-human contact with head up, hands free digital instructions.

Reduce Covid-19 risk in your factory

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