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Interaptix is transforming manufacturing and enterprise operations with augmented reality.
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Case Study

Building better communications systems and robotics control for space missions

In February of 2019, the Government of Canada announced its commitment to build an advanced space robotic manipulator, called Canadarm3, as part of Canada's contribution to the Lunar Gateway, a space station destined for the lunar orbit. Remotely operated from earth, Canadarm3 will require a new paradigm for mission planning and control to accommodate the high cognitive workload of operators performing safety and mission critical operations under extreme time and bandwidth constraints.

Interaptix was engaged by MDA Corporation to utilize augmented reality tools in order to enhance operator perception and performance, increase overall situational awareness for remote operation of robotic systems, and improve remote collaboration between multiple stakeholders involved in mission planning.  Using augmented reality tools developed by Interaptix will offer important benefits over the lifecycle of the system through significant reduction in the cost and human effort involved in mission planning and remote operation of space robotic systems.  

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Case Study

Pioneering remote inspection for error reduction in aerospace manufacturing

Aircraft manufacturing relies heavily on manual assembly and inspection by skilled workers. Quality assurance, accurate recordkeeping and traceability are of paramount importance.   Working with a large global aerospace manufacturing company, Interaptix developed a mixed reality platform to enable remote inspection.

The Platform focused on automated extraction of part and assembly information using our proprietary computer vision techniques and Algorithms. The goal: to improve quality control processes as well as accuracy and reliability of build records.  

Use of Interaptix’s remote inspection platform in the production environment resulted in elimination of errors in build records while reducing inspection time by more than 80%.        

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Case Study

Using AR to identify, notify, and contain environmental risks and hazards

How can enterprises ensure that protocol is followed and the best outcomes are achieved when an individual worker identifies risks in a manufacturing environment?

Working in partnership with Cority — a leading environmental, health, safety, and quality software provider — Interaptix developed an AR cloud solution for hazard identification and containment. The result is an integrated system that helps all stakeholders within an enterprise properly identify risks, stay informed, and follow proper containment procedures.

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