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“The full potential of wearable and spatial technology is only realized when it works in harmony with the people who use it.”



What is AptixAR?

AptixAR is a spatial computing platform and a remote collaboration solution that enables hybrid or remote audits, inspections and training through comprehensive virtual snapshots of your facilities. Connect your workforce and experts in 3D space through the power of augmented reality. Be present onsite, at any time without ever needing to leave your office.


What hardware do I need?

Minimal equipment is required. All you need is an iPad Pro or an iPhone Pro.


How quickly can I get AptixAR set up in my organization?

We get our customers up and running within a week (depending on the # of users) as each user needs training to realize AptixARs full potential.


What if I don’t have good internet connectivity throughout the site?

No need to worry, you can capture your space and complete any inspection on or offline. AptixAR can be used in the most remote, and secure spaces.


What are the features of AptixAR?

Create and interact with a 3D digital twin of a facility

○  Capture and view spatially aware pictures, videos and annotations

○  Communicate through video & chat

○  Measure height and distance between two points within the model

○  Keep an historical record of all of your facilities

○  And so much more… For more in-depth information on the features of AptixAR, visit our Key Features page.


What industries are using AptixAR?

AptixAR can be applied to a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to) Health & Safety, Construction, Engineering & Aerospace, Retail and Architecture. For a full list visit the industries page.


How do I access AptixAR?

Registered users at your organization can securely access AptixAR and its data through the AptixAR app, and desktop application, the AptixAR Web Portal. We layer on extra security measures so registered users can only see data that they are privy to see. Get Started by contacting our team


Where is my data stored?

AptixAR is a software service that resides completely outside of the customer's network. All data is stored, and can be securely accessed from our cloud-based platform.


Do you offer integration with other software systems and platforms?

AptixAR is built with software integrations in mind. Contact us to confirm integration support for your specific needs.

If all your physical spaces were accessible and immersive spatial experiences… What could your business do?

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