Interaptix Joins the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program as a Member

Verdant and Interaptix

Toronto Ontario - Today, Interaptix Inc. is pleased to announce that they have joined the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) as a Member. As a long-standing Microsoft partner currently leveraging Microsoft Azure services as the backbone of their enterprise SaaS platform AptixAR, the Partner Program provides opportunities to accelerate their roadmap for their platform.

Interaptix was among the first organizations to build applications for industrial applications for HoloLens, procuring the headsets in the first production run in 2016. "With HoloLens 1, Microsoft delivered an unprecedented level of performance for stereoscopic optical see-through augmented reality," said Bardia Bina, CEO of Interaptix. "They have significantly raised the standard with HoloLens 2 in 2019."

"The Mixed Reality Partner Program gives us access to a host of resources to accelerate our development on the HoloLens 2, and early access to additional Azure services" said Dae Lee, Vice President of Engineering. "The support we receive as members allows us to focus on the high priority Augmented Reality enhancements our customers demand."

About Interaptix

Founded in 2013, Interaptix is a core of designers and engineers building the next category- defining enterprise platform situated at the intersection of AR, computer vision, AI, and human computer interaction. One guiding principle informs everything we create: the full potential of wearable tech is realized only when that technology works in harmony with the people who wear it.

Based on years of building bespoke augmented reality solutions for industrial, academic, and research projects, Interaptix launched the AptixAR platform in 2020. AptixAR is available on laptops, tablets, mobile devices and wearable technology including HoloLens.

About the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program

Mixed reality partners are a community of technology and business experts on a mission to help customers accelerate their digital transformations with mixed reality technologies. Composed of independent software vendors, system integrators, and digital agencies, Mixed Reality partners collaborate to find new and greater opportunities to improve customer relationships and deliver exceptional mixed reality experiences.

To learn more, visit the Mixed Reality Partner Program.

Media Contact

Jason Cohen, Sales Account Executive

Interaptix, Inc.

1.289.837.0248 Ext. 103

Interaptix Inc. was established in 2013 as an early pioneer in constructing Augmented Reality solutions for the industrial enterprise. In response rise of the remote workforce and the lessened technological barrier to entry to AR and digital twins, AptixAR Remote Audit was launched in 2020. Interaptix is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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