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AptixAR Remote Expert now on the App Store
January 29, 2021

Toronto , ON - Interaptix Inc. today announces that the latest version of their Remote Expert solution, AptixAR, is now available on the App Store. Now organizations can start leveraging digital twins in their remote maintenance, audit, inspection, assembly, and support operations with nothing more technologically advanced than an iPad.

"It is important for us to bring the power of digital twins and augmented reality to the shop floors, assembly lines, and remote work locations around the world," said Dae Lee, VP of Engineering at Interaptix. "We love wearable technology, but we know headset adoption can take time across large organizations. Tablet and phone usage is almost universally approved today. With our iOS apps, we eliminate the technological barriers to the adoption of augmented reality."

With the new iOS client, AptixAR customers can use the built in tools to create digital twins of their assets and equipment within minutes, without specialized knowledge or assistance. Remote experts can mark up these digital twins with real world feedback instantly.

Find AptixAR on the App Store.