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Interaptix Announces Implementation Partnership with Frostbyte Consulting
March 2, 2021

Toronto, ON – Interaptix, makers of AptixAR, the remote expert solution leveraging Augmented Reality and Digital Twins, announces their partnership with Frostbyte Consulting, a leading provider of global EHSQ information services, to shorten time to value on the implementation of their remote inspection, audit, and event reporting solution across enterprise organizations.

"I've had the privilege of working with Frostbyte for years," said Eric Bradnam, Director of Revenue for Interaptix. "I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge their practice leads bring to every conversation, and have seen the return on investment for customers of their solutions. We're delighted to provide a new platform to add to their extensive portfolio of digital tools."

The AptixAR solution brings expertise into any space instantly, through Augmented Reality mark-up of the real world. With nothing more technologically complex than a tablet, organizations can create digital twins of their assets globally, and start sharing knowledge, guidance, training, and deviation reporting instantly.

The vast majority of enterprise organizations will utilize asset management solutions as the baseline 'source of truth' for their operations, and leverage EHSQ and other management systems platforms for their operational planning, tasking, and reporting.  Frostbyte's decades-long experience as system integrators and subject matter experts makes them a natural choice to lead the integration efforts to bring AptixAR's spatial guidance and digital twin data into general practice.

"With our focus on sustainable business, and our establishment of a dedicated ESG practice, the addition of an inherently green technology to our solution set was an easy choice," said Michael Culkin, Director of Business Development at Frostbyte. "In 2021, our client base is looking for ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into their process improvement plans. Our data scientists are looking forward to developing solutions on the AptixAR digital twin dataset."

About Frostbyte

Frostbyte Consulting is one of the world’s leading providers of EHS business information solutions. Based in Canada, Frostbyte has over twenty years of experience working with some of the largest businesses and industries around the world. Their team draws on a vast array of experience in a diverse range of fields, including management consulting, regulatory compliance, information technology, sustainability and ESG, and occupational health and safety.

That diverse range of expertise allows Frostbyte to offer a wide range of unique technology services and support: From end-to-end software implementation to process optimization, governance and regulatory compliance, Frostbyte's team of highly-experienced and certified EHS professionals can help you stay on the cutting edge.

Frostbyte is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with locations across North America.

About Interaptix

Interaptix Inc. was established in 2013 as an early pioneer in constructing Augmented Reality solutions for the industrial enterprise. In response rise of the remote workforce and the lessened technological barrier to entry to AR and digital twins, AptixAR was launched in 2020.

Interaptix is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.